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Apache 2.2 mod_cache

Server Tuning

Petal i18n and I18NFool

HowTo Compile Apache 1.3 for MKDoc

Integrate Soupermail

Creating new document components

Translate MKDoc Templates

Checkout MKDoc via anon CVS

Configuring MKDoc::Apache_Cache

MySQL commands to make a user account an editor account

Using news headlines

Customisation with CSS

Hiding documents and creating private areas

Upgrade from 1.4 to 1.6

Discussion Board Moderation

Text Component Formatting

Site Administration

Email newsletters

Edit Templates in a Subversion Repository

Update the Metadata for all Documents

Import MS Word files into MKDoc

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If you have an account on this web site you may login.

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Checkout MKDoc via anon CVS

When it asks for a password, just hit the enter key.

MKDoc 1.6

Checkout the 1.6 branch like this:

 cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/var/spool/cvs login
 cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/var/spool/cvs co -r mkdoc-1-6 mkd

MKDoc 1.8

Checkout the trunk like this:

 cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/var/spool/cvs login
 cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/var/spool/cvs co mkd

MKDoc Modules

The modules that are on CPAN can be checked out like this:

 cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/var/spool/cvs login
 cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/var/spool/cvs co MKDoc-Core

The modules that are in CVS include:

  • mkd ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; MKDoc CMS application

  • MKDoc-Core ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; MKDoc web application framework

  • MKDoc-Auth ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; Authentication framework for MKDoc::Core

  • MKDoc-Authz ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; Authorization framework for MKDoc::Core

  • MKDoc-ECommerce ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; Ecommerce plugin for MKDoc::Core

  • MKDoc-Forum ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; Discussion board plugin for MKDoc::Core

  • MKDoc-TinyURI ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; Unfinished example MKDoc::Core plugin

Spin-off tools generated by MKDoc

  • MKDoc-Apache_Cache ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; Extra speed for Apache::Registry scripts

  • MKDoc_Control_List ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; Express complex rules with control lists

  • MKDoc-SQL ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; A database abstraction layer

  • MKDoc-Text-Structured ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; Another Text to HTML module

  • MKDoc-XML ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; XML parsing/writing and manipulation

Petal TAL for perl:

  • Petal ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; TAL XML templates for Perl

  • Petal-Mail ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; Format text e-mail using Petal

  • Petal-Parser-HTB ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; HTML::TreeBuilder backend for Petal

  • Petal-Parser-XP ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; XML::Parser backend for Petal

  • I18NFool ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; localisation for Petal

Miscellaneous applications created by MKDoc Ltd:

  • mkd-import ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; Data import framework for MKDoc

  • mksearch ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; RDF indexing and RESTful search via RSS

  • pangloss-templates ../../../docs/howto/anon-cvs/_ndash.css; A multilingual web-based glossary

For more info on CVS see the CVS web site.

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