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MKDoc has full Unicode / UTF-8 support and can be used to create web sites in any left-to-right or right-to-left language.

The Multikulti MKDoc site is the best example of this.

However the Multikulti site doesn't have translated templates - if the MKDoc templates are also translated then the public and editor interface can also be used in any language required.

As an example, the attached document, MKDoc en français, uses the standard MKDoc template which is translated on-the-fly using the standard gettext i18n system.

Search and Web Address

The search engine of MKDoc is built to search on words written in any language and character set. MKDoc. MKDoc uses Unicode::Normalize for transliteration of non-latin characters for both the indexing of documents and for the generation of URI's from document titles.

If higher quaility transliteration is required MKDoc can use the IBM ICU library, there is further information about the languages that ICU supports in the Transliteration section of the Introduction to ICU on the ICU web site.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about Unicode and UTF-8 then Alan Woods' Unicode and multilingual support in HTML, fonts, Web browsers and other applications web site or the What is Unicode? document on the Unicode website (which is available in multiple languages) are probably the best places to start.

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