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Spindle is a spidering index tool for Apache Lucene. It includes the Apache Software License, but the spider application code is released under the GPL, see the master copy. The Spindle source depends on the following packages:

  • The com.bitmechanic.spindle.Search class includes the package com.bitmechanic.listlib, which in turn includes the Apache Commons Bean Utilities package, released under the Apache Software License, see the master copy.
  • The com.bitmechanic.spindle.Spider class includes classes from the cvu.html package, which is released under the GPL licence.
  • The com.bitmechanic.spindle.Search and com.bitmechanic.spindle.Spider classes depend on org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer. Lucene is released under the Apache Software Licence version 2.0.

Spindle also depends on standard Java extensions, which should be compatible with the GNU Servlet API:

  • The com.bitmechanic.spindle.Search class depends on javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext.


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