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No hidden staff training, software or equipment costs

Automatic maintenance of technical web details

Catering for non-English, mobile, disabled and blind users

Future-proofing data


If you have an account on this web site you may login.

If you have an account on this site but have forgotten your user name and / or your password then you can request an account reminder email.

No hidden staff training, software or equipment costs

No per user pricing or extra desktop software expenses.
There are no 50 user licenses with MKDoc. Each installation can support the creation of as many authors as you need, at no additional cost either in software or licensing.
Use any web-browser on any operating system, even in a web-cafe.
Unlike other content-management systems that require big downloads and complicated installations to simply edit a document, MKDoc sites can be fully managed with any web-browser - No plug-ins required.
Just remember your password and you can create or edit any aspect of your site. Everything is the same whether you find yourself sat in front of a PC or borrowing a Mac.
Most users need little training; mostly they just need an awareness of common web-authoring misunderstandings.
The biggest misunderstanding is that creating a web-document is graphic design. MKDoc proves that the tasks required are actually: good general writing ability, descriptive naming and collecting useful links - skills that anyone can master.
You don't have to learn HTML if you don't want to; general writing skills are much more important.
Scared of HTML that looks like ancient Egyptian? There is no need to learn a programming language just to write text - MKDoc works with normal everyday words, sentences and paragraphs.
Of course, people who are happy writing text mixed with HTML can use the tags and markup with which they are familiar.

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