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File listing box

The Main bug (File listing box appears when there are no files) has been fixed by back-porting the --exclude functionality from 1.8

We should implement one / both of these feature requests:

Hide files env var

It would be better if the files that are not to be displayed are set as an env var perhaps?

MKD__HIDE_FILES="favicon.ico, robots.txt, style.css"

Hide file tick box

Another, more flexible, way to solve this problem would be to simply have a tick box with each file compoment Hide file? — if it's ticked then the file doesn't appear on the page.

This would make adding images that are used by CSS etc better since at the moment the only way to do this is to attach files like this to a hidden page or simply have this files listed on a page somewhere…

Original Bug report

templates/fragments/menu_files/en.html is set up not to display some files:

 petal:condition="true: self/components_list --file"
   petal:define="File_Loop self/components_list --file;"
   petal:repeat="file File_Loop"
     petal:attributes="class string:file-${file/extension}"
     petal:condition="true:  file/title;
                      false: file/name_is --style.css;
                      false: file/name_is --favicon.ico;
                      false: file/name_is --script.js;"
       petal:attributes="href file/uri"
       File Title

However the problem with this is that if there are only the named files attached to a page then an empty box is generated.

MKDoc-1.8 solution

This site is running MKDoc 1.8 and it doesn't have this bug… there is a file attached to this page:

This is because components can be excluded by name using the --exclude parameter in 1.8


Bruno Postle 2005-09-10 13:35:26

This bug appears to be fixed in 1.8, but in fact the file listing box doesn't appear anywhere. For instance, this document has an uploaded file, but no file-listing box appears:

The fix was real, but a Petal bug prevented it from actually working, see:

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