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Help, step by step tutorials, howtos and information for users of MKDoc web site creation and management software.

If you are using MKDoc to manage a web site please sign up to the MKDoc-users email list and post any questions you may have about MKDoc to the list. List members also have access to the list archive.

Answers to FAQs from the MKDoc-users email list can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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The install instructions are contained in the tar ball and also are available here:


MKDoc is released under the GPL:


Managing your frontpage
This tutorial describes how to populate and manage your site's frontpage.
2003-10-17 17:03:44
Attaching hyperlinks
This tutorial explains how to build hyperlinks using MKDoc. In this example, we'll take a full text article and explain how to hyperlink it using MKDoc's link component.
2003-10-17 13:27:41
Creating a new MKDoc document
This tutorial explains the basic steps to follow in order to create a new MKDoc document. In this example we will create a simple /contact/ page.
2003-10-17 11:59:56


Apache 2.2 mod_cache
How to set up Apache 2.2's mod_cache to speed up a MKDoc web site.
2006-06-21 03:49:02
Server Tuning
Some notes on tuning servers for running MKDoc.
2005-04-20 04:11:34
Petal i18n and I18NFool
Information about how to mark up templates with the i18n namespace and how to use i18nFool to generate .po files for translators.
2005-04-06 05:34:40
HowTo Compile Apache 1.3 for MKDoc
Instructions for compiling Apache 1.3.x with mod_perl for running MKDoc and also for using Apache 2.x as a front facing proxy server.
2005-04-05 03:36:02
Alternative Apache HowTo
Instructions for compiling Apache with mod_perl and mod_gzip and optionally mod_ssl from source.
2005-04-05 03:36:02
Red Style Example
Document with an example style sheet to set a red colour scheme.
2005-03-02 06:14:05
Integrate Soupermail
How to integrate other web applications into a MKDoc site, the example use in this tutorial is a web to email form handler, Soupermail.
2004-11-29 05:40:27
Creating new document components
This is a technical HOWTO for developers interested in extending MKDoc by adding new Document component types.
2004-11-11 03:16:42
Translate MKDoc Templates
How to translate the interface of MKDoc into any language.
2004-10-06 11:23:09
Checkout MKDoc via anon CVS
Instructions for checking out the MKDoc code from CVS as an anonymous user.
2004-09-07 10:35:29
Configuring MKDoc::Apache_Cache
MKDoc::Apache_Cache is an all purpose accelerator for Apache::Registry web-applications. This document describes configuration for the MKDoc content management system.
2004-08-26 12:49:03
MySQL commands to make a user account an editor account
There is no need to use MySQL directly to make a user an editor, but sometimes it is handy to be able to do this.
2004-08-17 12:52:22
Using news headlines
An MKDoc page can contain news headlines listing the latest documents. You can even pull headlines from other sites - Perfect for blogging or news.
2004-07-23 11:11:06
Customisation with CSS
There are several ways of customising the look-and-feel of an MKDoc site, the simplest is to attach a CSS stylesheet.
2004-07-13 13:43:09
Hiding documents and creating private areas
MKDoc has a simple system for creating hidden documents and private intranet areas that are only visible to users with authenticated editor accounts.
2004-07-08 15:28:54
Upgrade from 1.4 to 1.6
Howto upgrade a MKDoc site from version 1.4 to version 1.6.
2004-06-24 12:40:52
Discussion Board Moderation
MKDoc-1.6 introduced the discussion-board component which allows authors to add web-boards to any document. This article explains how the administrator can moderate posts using any IMAP enabled computer.
2004-05-20 11:07:12
Text Component Formatting
Information about how to use simple text formatting rules for titles, lists and emphasis.
2004-01-22 15:12:21
Site Administration
MKDoc-1.6 simpifies and unifies the site administration functionality by merging it with the normal authenticated-user interface previously used only by editors and visitors.
2003-11-19 17:25:53
Email newsletters
Introducing the powerful new email newsletter feature of MKDoc-1.6. The newsletter integrates seamlessly with MKDoc to bring relevant links to visitor's inboxes.
2003-11-04 17:52:53
Edit Templates in a Subversion Repository
Details instruction, including screen shots, for checking out, editing and customising and committing MKDoc templates when they are stored in a Subversion repository.
2003-10-14 12:34:44
Update the Metadata for all Documents
How to update metadata fields such as Publisher or Copyright for all documents on an MKDoc site.
2003-05-21 15:23:38
Import MS Word files into MKDoc
Instructions, with screen shots, explaining how one can save a Microsoft Word document as HTML and then cut and past it into MKDoc in order to preserve some formatting and save one the bother of manually writing HTML.
2002-02-25 17:13:26


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