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MKDoc 1.0

Help, advice and other information to assist users of the MKDoc 1.0 editor interface to create and manage documents and web sites.

The main purpose for which MKDoc has been designed is the creation of documents.

MKDoc Documents are web pages that are generated by MKDoc from data entered by editors using a web interface.

Editor interface

How to login

In order to administer an MKDoc web site you need to login to the editor interface.

To do this you need to go to the address of the editor interface. The recommended way to set up the editor interface is to create a sub-domain, for example, if your MKDoc site has been set up like this then you should be able to replace www with editor in the address bar of your web browser. If you don't know what the address of the admin interface is please ask the person who installed MKDoc.

The login interface looks exactly the same as the public view of a document but has the following form at the top of the page:

Username: Password:

To login simply enter your username and password into the respective fields and then submit the information using "Login".

Remember that these are case sensitive. If you have forgotten your details please contact the person who is in charge of your MKDoc web site.

Editor menu

Once you have logged into the editor interface the only difference from the public view of a document is that you have a editor menu at the top of the page which looks like this:

Properties | Content | Sort | Move | New | Delete | Account | Logout

Some options might not be available. For example the Delete option in the example above is not a link because you are only allowed to delete documents that do not have children.

Following is a brief explanation of all the options available in the editor menu:

The Properties link takes you to a form which allows you to set and edit the Document Properties. These include the Title, Description, Keywords and other properties such as the document Template.
The Content link takes you to a form which allows the editing and creation of the components which make up the Document Content.
The Sort Documents page allows the order in which child documents are displayed to be chosen.
Move Document allows the current document and all it's child documents to be moved to another section of the site.
The New link takes you to a blank Document Properties form which you can fill in to create a New Document as a child of the current document.
Delete Document gives you the option to delete the current document and re-direct all future requests for it to another document.
The Account link takes you to a page where you can modify your , including your email address and password.
When you have finished editing you should use the Logout link to end your session.

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