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Link Component

This page contains help and advice on the use of the Link Component in the Document Content page of the editor interface in MKDoc 1.0.

When you want to add a hyperlink to a MKDoc document you should use the Link Component to do this rather than manually coding hyperlinks using the HTML Component. The advantage of using the link component is that links can then be listed at the end of the printer version. They can also be listed in the Dublin Core RDF metadata for documents.

MKDoc does generate some automatic links, the Title of all child douments is turned into a link to that document.

This is what a MKDoc Link Component looks like:

Link component
  Help ?

The Up and Down form elements can be used to move the component up and down the page. The Help link takes you to this page. The Delete form element deletes the component.

Detailed information about the three form fields in the Link Component:

Address (URI)

This field is for the address of the hyperlink. It can take several forms:

Fully qualified address

A fully-qualified address is one which starts with the protocol name. The two most common protocols used in web pages are:

This is for web addresses, for example The simplest way to ensure that you are using a valid address is to go to the page you want to link to, copy the address from your web browser and past it into the Address (URI) field.
This is for email addresses, for example: mailto:[email protected].

Relative address

Relative addresses are handy for internal links in a MKDoc web site. For example, to link to a documents parent document you can use ../ or to link to the printer version of a document you can use print.html.


The Tile field is for the text that you want to be turned into a hyperlink.

It is good practice to write link titles that make sense out of context and not to use things like "click here".


The description is optional and is not worth using if the link title is very clear about where the link points to.

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