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Text Component

This page contains help and advice on the use of the Text Component in the Document Content page of the editor interface of MKDoc 1.0.

A text component can only contain plain text. It cannot contain HTML. If you want more control over the formatting of text you will need to use a HTML Component.

Two carriage returns in a Text component result in seperate paragraphs being created. This is what a MKDoc Text Component looks like:

Text component
Help ?

If you want to add hyperlinks to Text Components then you need to use the Link Component.

The Up and Down form elements can be used to move the component up and down the page. The Help link takes you to this page and the Delete form element deletes the component.

To amend or add content to a Text component simply edit the text in the form element.

There is no limit to the number of Text Components that a MKDoc Document can contain.

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