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MKDoc-1.6.31 released

MKDoc-Text-Structured-0.83 Released

Petal-2.17 released

MKDoc 1.6.30 released

MKDoc-1.6.29 (stable) released

MKDoc released under the GPL

“Best Social Innovation” award for Multikulti

MKDoc Ltd wins £75k SMART award

Version 1.6.23 released

MKDoc 1.6 technology

MKDoc 1.6 Beta released

Threaded discussion component

MKDoc version 1.4

Booth Centre website launched

Laptop Challenge - the first multi-lingual MKDoc site

MKDoc in Japanese

MKDoc in Punjabi

MKDoc version 1.2

MKDoc version 1.1

Help is @ Hand MKDoc site

Irish Democrat MKDoc site

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MKDoc-1.6.29 (stable) released

MKDoc is an award-winning mod_perl web-based content management system with an emphasis on usability, accessibility and internationalisation.

MKDoc 1.6.29 is the latest in the ‘stable’ branch of MKDoc, development of new features for the upcoming 1.8 release takes place in the ‘unstable’ core.

This is a minor bugfix release, there is no need to upgrade unless you are having particular problems. Changes since the last release include:

  • Improved installation documentation.

  • 404 document not found reports served as text/html again.

  • Improvements for the Gossamer Threads hosting environment.

  • Removal of situations where hidden-documents are linked-to.

  • More classes for CSS styling.

  • Configuration option for URL port-stripping.

MKDoc-1.6.29 can be downloaded here:

Changes since 1.6.28

  2004-10-08 16:32:13  Chris Croome  <[email protected]>  (chris)
        * flo/plugin/ Fix for 404
        pages being served as text/plain
  2004-10-01 12:48:32  Bruno Postle  <[email protected]>  (bruno)
        * tools/ Add SetEnv
        MKD__URL_PORT_STRIP_REGEX  "80\\d*" for gossammer threads
  2004-09-30 14:49:26  Bruno Postle  <[email protected]>  (bruno)
        * INSTALL.TXT: Added some instructions for resetting permissions
  2004-09-29 16:08:29  Bruno Postle  <[email protected]>  (bruno)
        * INSTALL.TXT, MODULES.TXT: added missing modules and reference
        to MKDoc::Apache_Cache
        * INSTALL.TXT: Made changes to install procedure as suggested
        by Andrew Brosnan
        * MKDoc/, MKDoc/Site/ConfigWriter/ Backported
        Charlie Garrison's patch from 1.8 to 1.6 making port-number
        stripping configurable
        * flo/, flo/ Added class="mkdoc-link" to
        magically linked text
  2004-09-28 20:49:41  Chris Croome  <[email protected]>  (chris)
        * templates/print/en.html: Updated so that hidden documents are
        not linked to and the listing of child documents is also now
        omitted by default.
        * templates/admin/component_copy/en.html,
        templates/admin/copy/en.html, templates/admin/delete/en.html,
        templates/admin/move/en.html, templates/admin/new/en.html,
        templates/discussion/post/en.html, templates/search/en.html:
        title attribute added to option elements this results in the
        title appearing as a tooltip as one scrolls through the list of
        options and changes depending on which option has focus. This
        is handy for lists of paths of documents, the title displays
        the title in this case and for lists of languages where the two
        (or more depending on the language) letter code is displayed.
  2004-09-28 14:52:22  Bruno Postle  <[email protected]>  (bruno)
        * flo/, flo/ Both MKDoc-1.6 and 1.8 have
        a bug where even hidden child documents are linked-to by
        magic hyperlinking, this patch fixes it.  I've also taken the
        opportunity to add a class to the hyperlink so it can be styled
        via CSS.
  2004-09-24 12:36:36  Bruno Postle  <[email protected]>  (bruno)
        * tools/, tools/ Fixed
        stupid duplicate ServerName bug in gossamer threads installer
  2004-09-22 15:10:53  Bruno Postle  <[email protected]>  (bruno)
        * conf/, tools/,
        tools/ Added files specific to installation
        on a gossamer threads hosted mod_perl server.

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